Where are you now and what are you doing?

Well we have been non stopped touring and recording for the last year. Our new record is finished and we are more excited than ever for the release of the new album "kings never sleep"

Congratulations for new album, Kings never sleep, it's a great dirty rock album, how do you expect of it

I feel that this Album can really put us over the top. I expect big things from this record. I can't wait for the world to hear it.

Is been positive the press and fans reaction about the album.

Yes, the attention in the states is incredible. Our label "rusty knuckles" is giving us a big push and the fans have been really enjoying the songs live and the videos!

Your way for playing guitar is agresive and also thecnical, who is your main guitar player?

My main guitar influences are Dimebag Darrel and Johnny winter. Texas boys that can really play their asses off

Your father is drummer and you grew up involved in rock ambient, was this decisive for your future career?

Yes, he and my family have supported me all the way. A career in music was an easy decision.

Some people define your sound like stoner rock, how do you define it?

Rock n roll with a southern twist. We get stoned too, so sometimes we're stoner rock ....jajajajaja :)

Your first group was  a heavy metal band called Interhod, how do you remember this first experience in a band?

I love that band and all of the members. It was the first band that taught me structure and discipline on the guitar.

You also formed in Crank County Daredevils. with a good reviews of specialized press, how do you live this period of time?

That was a wild time in my life! We were non stopped. It taught me a lot, but I always love those guys and the experience

Like Rory Kelly you have toured for Europe, how was the tour?

Europe is such a great place to tour. The fans are the best in the world. Our last tour was great, and hopefully this one will be even better!

In you tours, could you tell us any Spinal Tap moment you have had?

When I was in crank county, we were on tour in Philadelphia and I was locked in the dressing room for an hour. Jajajajaja :)

If was a great festival boss, which groups would you like for playing with Rory Kelly band?
Rory Kelly
Zombie queen
The damned angels 
That'd be a fun festival!

Do you want to comment anything more?
I can't wait till we're back in Europe! We're gonna throw it the fuck down and bring a show like no ones ever seen!
Thank you so much! 



Sean Yseult was a formerly member of White Zombie. A really pleasure to make this interview with her and talk about Rob Zombie and other....

Where are you now and which are your next works or projects? 

Right now I am on my way to NYC for a while. I am working on new songs with Dava and Von, breaking in a new drummer and 2nd guitarist, and preparing to play some shows surrounding a showcase we have at SXSW. 

When you realize you want to be a rock musician? 

When I saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, back when I was in high school. She looked like the 5th Ramone, rocked out, and I thought there was nothing cooler! Then I heard the Cramps and went to find a guitar with a whammy bar at St. Marks Guitar Store – then I met Rob, and you know the rest! 

You are very known for playing with White Zombie, but I would want to know how was your begining in music, what group you played with and things like that... 

White Zombie was actually my first band! When I was very little, like seven or eight years old, I played blues improv in jazz clubs with old blues men. When I was twelve I played piano for a rock band that was much older than me, but just one or two gigs. I also sat in on keyboards for about a week or two with a punk band, right before we formed Whit Zombie. But Rob and I started White Zombie and it was our first band we had ever created, written music and played in. 

How do you remember all the years you formed in White Zombie? 

We were pretty straight edge back then so everything is clear as a bell! 

Is Rob Zombie an easy person who work with? 

Oh god no! But he puts high demands on himself, as well as others around him. He just has very high standards and is extremely critical. This is why White Zombie became so unique and as good as we did. It was very hard working with him especially in the beginning, because although he knew what he didn’t like, he didn’t seem to know what he did like, which made it difficult to write riffs that he would agree to sing over. But in the end it made us create a new sound, so being difficult is not a bad thing! 

You are married with Chris Lee from Supagroup, have you speak anytime to form a group together? 

Again – oh god no! I promised myself I’d never do that again – something about mixing business with pleasure, and believe me: a band always turns into business at some point! We owned a bar together in New Orleans (The Saint) and that was tough enough on our relationship! 

You also worked with The Cramps, how was the experience? How do you feel when you know the Lux death? 

I cried a lot when Lux died. I was friends with both Lux and Ivy, and am good friends with Ivy now and couldn’t imagine her without him – they were always a team. Lux and Ivy created the cool world for me to grow up in, musically, visually, before I knew them and after. After gigs with them we would stay up late talking about art, literature, criminals, ghosts, tiki restaurants and all things of the underground – they would turn me on to the best books, movies, etc! It was like hanging out with a walking, talking Psychotronic Encyclopedia, being with the two of them! Getting to play bass with them was such an honor, and I felt like I was in a dream when I would look across the stage and see the two of them right there next to me! 

White Zombie and The Cramps had a similar horror b-serie image, did you like this estethic? 

Yes of course. It was what drew me and Rob to each other – I was really into the Cramps, the Birthday Party, Bauhaus, etc and he was really into the Misfits. The Cramps were a model for us: we believed every band should be like the Cramps in the way that they not only made cool music and looked cool but incorporated an entire lifestyle into their band. 

You also formed in Rock City Morgue, how was the experience? 

This is a band that revolves around the enigmatic singer, Rik Slave. Every musician in the band has been a fan of his for years, and we are merely there to back up his singing and insane stage performances. I love everyone in the band and it is always a pleasure to play with such a talented group of musicians! 

You published in 2010 a book titled I'm in the band dedicated your experiece in your White Zombie's days, how was the fans and critic reaction? 

Lucklly the book got great response – a lot of great reviews, and a lot of thank yous from fans. I think it helped that I am also a fan – of a lot of the bands we toured with, etc- so I write it from that perspective. 

You formed Famous Monsters with Katie Lynn Campbell, how do you remember this period? 

Like one big rocknroll pajama party! We really had a blast, touring with great bands and being asked over to England and Japan twice – great fun! We partied way too hard! 

You play bass guitar but also plays other instruments, which is your favourite instrument to play with? 

Piano, only because I grew up playing it and it is easiest to compose on. But live (onstage) I much rather play a bass, it’s really fun and natural for me. I also play banjo and am trying to master the theremin, which is tricky business! 

You also have another ocupations like graphic designer and  I think you have made expositions, which have been the public and critic reaction? 

Really good – I had my designs printed on silk scarves and small cases, and they were in some top stores right away – Barneys, Bendels, Liberty of London . . . I just didn’t want to be in the fashion world, I really enjoy the drawing and graphics angle. The fashion part, doing tradeshows, etc, was not my thing – it made me start hating it. I would much rather just create designs and have them applied to various things –trays, home furnishings, etc. I have gone back to my photography lately, as I have more control over the end result and don’t have worry about how it will be applied. 

I tnink you also studied dance. It seems you are a very versatil artist, do you like this very much? 

I can’t say I like it, it just happened! I almost wish I had just one thing since I was six years old that I focused on, so I would be a virtuoso at that one thing – but I started off young with piano, art, ballet and violin lessons so there you have it. 

I think you had a bar where was a meet point of rock musicians in the city, was a good experience for you? 

The best. Chris and I started the Saint back in 2002, and it took off right away. We stayed open until people left – usually six in the morning, and we had the best jukebox in town, everything from Kyuss and eyehategod to Abba and the Bee Gees. It was like a clubhouse for musicians, chefs, and all late industry workers and nightcrawlers. 

Do you want to say anything more? 

I hope to come to Spain with my new band Star & Dagger soon! Please check out our recent video for a song called “In My Blood”, we had a blast making it! 





Hola Jeff, ¿dónde estás y en qué estás trabajando en este momento?

Estoy en el Hard Rock Hotel en Tulsa OK preparándome para un concierto de Foreigner esta noche.

Dokken tuvo un gran éxito en los  80's, ¿cómo viviste ese éxito?

Estoy muy agradecido porque me ha dado una carrera muy larga y no podría estar más feliz.

Dokken fue incluido en el movimiento heavy metal en los 80's, pero,para mi, el grupo tenía un componente distintivo de elegancia que la mayor parte de bandas de ese estilo de la época no tenían, ¿cuál es tu opinión?

Creo que tuvimos un poco más de profundidad en nuestra música que las bandas de"heavy metal" de la época y aquellas canciones han aguantado bien el paso del tiempo. 

Como bajista, ¿cuáles son tus principales influencias?

Chris Squire de Yes fue la mayor.  Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, James Jamerson- y cualquiera con groove!

Tú también trabajaste con una leyenda del heavy como Dio, ¿cuál es tu opinión sobre la influencia de Dio en el heavy metal y qué sentiste cuando conociste su muerte?

Ronnie fue uno de los grandes vocalistas de todos los tiempos e influenció a casi todos los cantantes de heavy. Su muerte fue muy dura para mi. Era un amigo querido y un asombroso y talentoso ser humano. Yo estaba en la carretera cuando falleció, pero, afortunadamente mi mujer y mi hermana pudieron pasar algunas de sus horas finales con él. 

Después de la separación de Dokken estuviste con George Lynch en Lynch/Pilson, ¿cómo fue la experiencia?

Fue muy divertido.George y yo tenemos una química atemporal que sólo se hace más fuerte con el tiempo.

También estuviste integrado en el  2012 in T&N con todos los miembros originales del Dokken menos Don, ¿hay alguna posibilidad de una reunión del grupo con todos los miembros clásicos?

Nunca puedes decir nunca. El problema más serio sería compatibilizar nuestras agendas.

Tú también trabajas de productor, Me gustaría saber tu opinión sobre los mejores discos que has producido y, en particular sobre Back from the dead, de Adler, ¿cómo fue trabajar con Steven?

Mi trabajo como productor me está dando una gran satisfacción creativa en los últimos años. Estoy muy orgulloso del disco de y trabajar con fue genial. Cuando él toca es mágico. También he producido el nuevo disco de Kill Devil Hill que sale el 29 de octubre (en USA). Es un disco asombroso con increíbles canciones. ¡Tienes que oírlo! También estoy muy satisfecho del disco de T&N.

Trabajaste como áctor en el film  Rock Star como miembro de una banda 
¿Te gustó la experiencia? ¿es más fácil trabajar en cine que en la musica?

Sí, tuvimos muchos momentos divertidos. Las películas son grandes, pero aburridas. Prefiero mucho más hacer música.

La banda en la que figuras en la película sería un gran super grupo, ¿pensasteis en algún momento crear una banda real con ese line up?

Hablamos de la posibilidad de girar en algún momento, pero las agenda no nos lo permitieron.

Has trabajado los últimos años con un grupo legendario como Foreigner. ¿Qué sientes al pertenecer a esta banda?

Es un gran honor. Es una gran banda con una sensacional historia, increíbles canciones y una maravillosa visión y futuro, siempre fui un gran fan, por lo que es fantástico!

¿Cuáles crees que son los mejores discos en los que has trabahado?

No puedo sólo uno. El de T&N sería uno. El de Adler podría ser otro. KDH es fantático y todos los discos de Benedictum son fabulosos, supongo que todos ellos!!!!

¿Cuáles son tus próximos proyectos?

La grabación de Starship es en Septiembre., KDH en Octubre, y entonces ;George y yo empezaremos a escribir un nuevo disco de T&N.

También trabajaste en un sisco de MSG, ¿cómo es trabajar con Michael Schenker?

Asombroso, es un genio y fue maravilloso tocar con él. ¡Le echo de menos!

¿Qué le dirías a un chaval que empieza a tocar el bajo en una banda?

Que escuchen sus instintos, que toquen lo que sientan, pero que aprendan tanto como puedan. ¡Y no te rindas!

¿Quieres decir algo más?

Sólo espero que todo el mundo oiga a T&N, y que todo el mundk compre el nuevo disco de  Kill Devil Hil.  ¡Es tan bueno!