First of all, I would like to know what are you doing now in music in this moment and who with?

I Play with Night Ranger from San Francisco, CA. We are cutting a new CD now, its really coming along awesome. We as well just cut a live DVD last month in Chicago, I believe that will come out towards the end of 2016.

In my last issue I did an interview with Rod Jackson and he told me that band that recorded Aint life grand with Slash's Snakepit was great and it was a pleasure to work with you and the others. What is your opinión about this álbum and the band línea up?

Snakepit WAS killer… The band was great and we had a blast the few years it was in circulation. We used to rehearse at Slashs house all day, just jam, hang out.... Drink some beers, play some pool… It was awesome. Live the band was electric…. Some real highlights I remember was the Japan tour… Great memorioes.

Slash is yet a legend. How was to work with him?

Hes great… Easy and awesome… I see him from time to time. He usewd to jam with us alot in Alice Cooper.

I would like to know which are your main influences like guitar player?

So many great players its hard to really say. When I was yonger and really getting going, I really dug all the European guys like Schenker, Uli Roth, Blackmore etc. But there so many different style that are influencial, cats like Holdsworth, Django Reinhardt, DiMeola.. Really too many to name. Their all great!!

You also have worked with other legend like Alice Cooper and have composed songs for the band. What did you learn to be with Mr. Fournier's band?

Alice is great, its a cool family vibe over there. Alot of people have been there for 20/30/40 years. Coop was the easiest going guy in the music business, a complete pro and showman. It was so awesome to be able to great oin the stage every night and play those legendary tunes with the legend himself

Which was the exact moment you decided to be a rock and roll guitar player?

I was just a kid I think like 8 or 9. My grandma bought me a cheap guitar and that was it. In southern caslifornia at that time Van Halen were lords and everyone wanted to be like Eddie.

You worked with Vince Neil band. How was the experience to be in a band with a Crue member?

Vince is such a rad guy, I was actiually with him a couple weeks ago. Hes just a hang out surfer kind of guy from California. We had alot of gtreat times as weel, but that was towards the end of his solo period right before Motley reformed and I went to Alice.

Recently Guns n Roses have joined again with three of original members. Have you got any opinion about the reunión?

I think its great… The people seem to be digging it. One of the greatest bands on the planet!

You have worked with many 80's bands or artists like L.A Guns Love/Hate, Jani Lane, Slash, Stephen Pearcy, NIgth Ranger and more. Of this 80´s period, which other band you would like to work with?

Have never really thought about it, but, Metallica…. Id like to be in Metallica. Im waiting for the call from James Hetfield  

Also you have worked with Steven Adler in Adler´s Appetite, how was the experience on stage with Steven?

As well, I just by chance saw Steven a few weeks back. He seems to be doing well which is a great thing for him. We had a ton of fun especially in Europe doing shows. Robbie Crane was also on Bass, hes my best bro.. Jizzy on Vocals as well, it was rad.

You have worked with many great artists in your career. Which is the artist who most impressed you like musician?

Everyone has been great and Ive been very fortunate to work with such a broad range of people.

With the current situation, with internet, great corporations…. How do you see the rock and roll future?

I think its all going great. I mean there so many varitions of ‘rock’ music. I think a bang like Kings Of Leon are rock and they are killing it… then on the other side of the coin you have the big 4, then theres the commericail rock bands in the middle. I think its a great time for music these days. 

In actual rock and roll panorama I cannot see bands able to fill an stadium. Only great bands of the past like AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones meet thousands of people. Do yo think can emerge a new stadium rock band?

The bands you mentioned are legend of course.. as for new bands, only time will tell!

Do you want to comment anything more?

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