First of all, congratulations. “Horizon” is a great rock and roll album. Are you satisfied with the results?

Thank you very much, we really appreciate! We are, we’re very glad with what we ended up with. Before we started the recording process we had a few things in mind, one of them was to keep it raw, true to what we do live on stage and I think we achieved that.

I would like to say where and who with has been recorded the album? It has a great sound!

We did it all by ourselves, I have a recording studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil and everybody participated on the development of the album. Each one of us had their own inputs and it helped a lot.

Your sound seems a mixture of several influences like 70´ classic rock or modern metal, but, I want you to say which are the main Owl Company influences?

If I need to pick one I’d say Black Sabbath. Sabbath is a band that influenced us in different ways. In my opinion one of the best bands in the history of rock.

You are from Brasil. How is the rock scene in your country?

It’s very underground. Less than 10% of our population consumes rock and that’s a problem in the big picture. We do have great talents around but the opportunities are scarce.

Your music is very intense and, somtimes, agressive, but always preserving the melody, are you agree with this affirmation?

I do, since we grew up with different influences each one contributed with their own point of view, musically. I grew up in the 90’s and for me that was the golden age of melodies. I wanted to sound heavy but still melodic, a contrast of ideas.

I think you are going to do an american and european tour. What do you wait for this tours?

We have great expectations to both tours. We want to talk to our target audience, we want them to feel it and give their feedbacks. We wanna do this together, we depend on them to turn this in to an experience.

Is there any possibility that Owl Company plays in Spain?

Yes, definitely. It would be amazing to play in Spain. I spent a month traveling there and I fell in love with the culture, the passion, the people, the food. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

I think the band began its career in 2015, in your opinion which has been the band evolution from this year to now?

It started when I was living in Los Angeles and me and Felipe would exchange some riffs ideas over skype or email. When we got together as a band for the first time I knew that we had something there. We matured ourselves together, that was our turning point.

Which are the next steps of the band?

We wanna play. We need to spread our music, to be on the road. We want to connect with people, show them that we’re capable of showing them a great time!

14th July was the release of your new album, did you any special prsentation for it?

To be honest we got really drunk, ahhahaa. We’re very happy with the acceptance of the album and we wanted to celebrate it in a proper way. We have a few plans but I can’t talk about it right now but soon we will reveal them.

Imagine you are the promoter of a great festival. What bands would you like that played in this festival?

Wow, I’m gonna name 5 because otherwise we would have a 10 days festival, ahahah. Sabbath, Down, Clutch, Alice in Chains and Mastodon.

I would like to know how is a Owl Company show?

We always try to balance it but still being very aggressive. We change the set depending on the crowd and the place we’re playing at keeping a few key songs. Like that we always deliver an unique show.

Do you want to comment anything more?

Thank you very much for having us, it was a huge pleasure. We hope to see you all soon and stay tuned to our social media for some great news!!

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